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25 Jan Here’s How to Deliver Actual Results With Content Marketing

By in Content Marketing

This article by AJ Ghergich is part of our Blogtober event, which features blog posts written by industry influencers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Everyone is on the content marketing bandwagon. How many companies, though, are producing positive results from their efforts? Unfortunately, very few. The main issue is not a lack of effort, but rather a lack of understanding of the fundamentals behind content marketing. In this article, we’re going to discuss the basics of content marketing and how to make it work for your company.

How Content Marketing Actually Converts

Many content marketing campaigns are doomed from the start simply because they are measured by the wrong outcomes. One of the most common misconceptions goes something like this: “We’ll create an infographic, people will love it, and sales will go up like magic!”




Any infographic, or any piece of content, no matter how well-researched and beautifully designed it is, will likely do a very poor job at directly driving conversions. If you approach content marketing with no definable and measurable goals, the only magic that will happen is your money going up in flames.




If you want to be truly successful, your content marketing needs to be the start of a long relationship with your consumer. Content marketing allows you to flip the usual marketing script: Instead of interrupting people with ads, you provide valuable insights and information. Instead of pushing your message with ads, you ask for permission first. Instead of thinking of your audience as nameless leads, you think of the relationship you can build with them.