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07 Jan 10 Incredible Products You Won’t Want to Miss at CES 2016

The best innovations.


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CES 2016 is in full swing and this year’s show features the best of the best in consumer technology. With innovative solutions from global enterprises and startups for everything from wearables to connected homes, virtual reality to drones and so much more, there’s plenty to see in Las Vegas. If you’re at this year’s show, make sure you stop by Eureka Park, the destination for amazing startups, and check out these 10 incredible gadgets you definitely want to see in person.

WowWee CHiP Robotic Dog

Personal robots are becoming more and more of a reality, and soon you might be bringing home a new four-legged robot friend to play fetch with your kids. The Canine Home Intelligent Pet (CHiP) by WowWee boasts an impressive array of infrared sensors to give it 360 vision and high speed Meccanum wheels, allowing it to move quickly in virtually any direction. It also comes with a special ball to play fetch with and a connected Smart Band that enables CHiP to act with intent. The Smart Band’s bluetooth technology tells CHiP when you’re around and gives you the power to positively reinforce good behavior with a Like button—just like with a real dog.

You can play with this cute robopup at Booth 80449.

Harman Selective Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones have been around for years, helping students focus on their work in the busy library and frequent flyers block out crying babies on planes. Harman International Industries has developed new, cutting-edge technology that will enable users to selectively cancel unwanted noise and enhance the sounds they need or want to hear most. This technology, called Audio Augmented Reality (AAR), can alert joggers to danger, such as a honking car horn, or someone inside to cancel noise from a car alarm outside.

See how you can customize your soundscape with the Harman AAR headphones at Booth 80446.

Hexoskin Smart Shirt

We have smartwatches and smart homes, so it makes sense that our clothing is smart as well. Hexoskin validated their first product, the world’s first biometric smart shirt, on Indiegogo back in 2013, and they’re back with their newest technology: Hexoskin Smart. Hexoskin Smart is a sensor-embedded shirt that monitors and records your heart rate, breathing and movement whether you’re awake or asleep, providing valuable insights on intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level and sleep quality. Hexoskin connects to all of your favorite bluetooth compatible apps and devices so you can see how your physical fitness evolves over time.