Creative Group Studios | Branding Identity Agency in Miami, FL
Creative Group Studios is an Advertising Agency out of Miami that has all your business identity solutions under one roof.
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Creative Group Studios

We put purpose and passion into brands.

Creative Group Studios | Full Branding Solutions

We are Creative Group Studios, a creative and digital advertising agency that believes a brand should become as much part of people’s lives as it is to a company. The branding solutions we offer not only guarantee quality, evoke desire or brings people and business together, but add value to clients and provide the platform with which they can share ideas, sell stuff, add knowledge, and build long-lasting relationships.

Creative Group Studios like to make sure our solutions are not considered nice but AWESOME. You look AWESOME, we all look AWESOME!      

Creative Group Studios is here to make that happen.
A Peak at Some of Our Client Work

Creative branding solutions at your fingertips

Creative Group Studios | Services

Brand Management

Brand guarantees quality, builds trust, gives value, offers security and forges a relationship between you and your clients. It is vital to stay strong and consistent with branding for sustainability and continued trust. We can help you stay true to what your brand represents, and ensure a smooth transition for any changes to be implemented. Creative Group Studios not only build brands, but also nurture it.


The best SEO strategies will push your website higher up the ranks in search results, generate leads and traffic, and convert leads into profit. There are two ways to achieve this – Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO. Hand in hand, they guarantee an online presence that can’t be denied.

Social Media

Social media management and social media marketing would bring your brand closer to your target audience. It humanizes it and makes it easier to relate with and communicate. So when branded content is delivered right up to someone’s personal page, it would be a welcomed intrusion.

Graphic & Logo Design

A logo is not just an impressive illustration, but a graphic representation of what a brand is all about. It outlines in detail the set of unique values associated with a company. It speaks of passion and works that are seen in action. The best logo creates confidence with a brand, and offers clients a sense of security. We can put all these in every graphic and logo design we put out there.

Web Design & Development

Website design should be a true representation of your company in the digital sphere. One that interacts with and engages online users. One that starts something and keeps the conversation going from the homepage to the rest of the pages in a website. Creative Group Studios knows web design and development goes beyond aesthetics. Functionality is core. User experience matters more. And great design brings them together seamlessly and effortlessly.

Writing Services

Words has always been a powerful tool in branding. But there is a huge difference between print and web content in the way each one is conceived, created and conveyed. Online, branded content must be compelling and delivered with a strong writing and message. We have the best swordsmiths in our team, and they do more than clearly and concisely tell a story about your brand. They provide content that communicates, engages and leads to actions.